5Kimmswick Race Recap

I ran in the 5Kimmswick today, a 5k in Kimmswick, Missouri to benefit the ALS association and Nancy Ratliff Memorial Fund. I heard about it through a tweet from Jenifer Langosch, a Cardinals reporter. When I read that the winners were given pies, I was in. A number of things have to go right for me to win my age group in a given race, namely, the fast people have to stay home. I figured even if I didn’t win a pie we could purchase one from The Blue Owl, known for giant pie. Either way I’d be going home with pie.

The course wound through Kimmswick.


Nervous pre race, per usual.

I decided to start near the front of the pack, figuring there would be a lot of walkers.


The race began at 8am and I started out way too fast (like 7:00 pace) in an effort to distance myself from slower runners. We ran through town, which was hilly. My shins were angry.

These are the fast people beginning the race. I’m not pictured.

The mid way point took us past The Blue Owl, where Tracy got some photos of me.



Then we headed toward the Mississippi, which was really peaceful. We ran past a horse pasture and over an old bridge. I didn’t take any photos while running because I was busy not puking/not quitting. I was trying to keep my pace in the low 8s and running this pace is a hard effort for me no matter how comfortable I am running longer distances.

We came back into town and I passed one girl who appeared to be in my age bracket (yay!), then finished (double yay!).



I finished the 5k in 25:36, an 8:15 pace. This was good for 13th in my age group and 98th overall. There were 481 participants. I’m pretty happy with this time. It’s my third best, however I think my best time of 24:41 in the SIDS 5k was on a shorter course, and my second best, 25:29, was in the All American 5k which is mostly downhill through Kirkwood. So to nearly match my second best time on a much harder course is great.

They had a chiropractor providing free services after the run, so I took advantage.


I told him my shins were the only part of my body that was sore, so he proceeded to push directly into them as hard as he possibly could. I felt like Steve Carell’s character in The 40 Year Old Virgin as he’s getting waxed. I was thisclose to yelling out “Kelly Clarkson!” I did say oh my god very loudly and told the chiropractor I wanted to hit him, so there’s that. I think he did help me, so as I told Tracy, I plan to seek out free chiropractic services at all my races from this point forward. 🙂

Also a little stiff, Louie, the Blues mascot.


This dog doesn’t know what to think of Louie.


Trace and I had to get a photo with him as well.


They gave out box lunches to all the participants as well as free Perennial beer. So at 9am Tracy and I split a lunch and I drank two beers (mine and hers). Totally normal at races. We ended up not getting any pie and decided to come back to Kimmswick when there’s not an event going on. It’s an adorable town and the people are so friendly. I’ll definitely run the 5Kimmswick again.


7 responses to “5Kimmswick Race Recap

  1. Good one! I wanted to see some pie, though. 😦 Is this a famous pie town? Where is it?

    • Paul also wanted to see a pie photo but unfortunately I didn’t get close enough to take any. Oprah featured The Blue Owl on her show. I think it was one of her favorite things. Kimmswick is about 20 minutes south of St. Louis.

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