Hall of Fame Place

Tonight I decided to skip Zumba (legs still = ow) and just do my three mile run. I wasn’t in the mood to run in Tower Grove Park again so I decided to park near my Y and explore The Hill.

I headed north on Macklind, a lovely downhill, then turned around and realized there was probably no way to get back to my car without going uphill. So I sucked it up, focused on my surroundings, and saw this.

Hall of Fame Place! It’s a street where a whole bunch of famous people associated with baseball lived a long time ago. I’ve driven on it but not for quite a while so obviously I ran left.


Yogi Berra’s house was across the street from Joe’s but there were people sitting in front and I didn’t want to look like a creeper by taking photos while they were there.

This was at the end of the block.


I saw five plaques of famous baseball guys all on this one block of Elizabeth. Pretty cool.

I continued my run through The Hill and passed a bunch of Italian restaurants. Whenever I run through areas that are densely populated with restaurants I always hope they’ll have little stands set up outside, have pity on me, and throw food into my mouth as I pass by. Hasn’t happened yet.

My whole route was super hilly which I convinced myself would only help me in my training and pushed through.

I’ve never run on most of these streets so it was a nice change of pace.


3 responses to “Hall of Fame Place

  1. I never knew about Hall of Fame Place. Sounds like a cool run!

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  3. Pingback: Half Marathon Training – Week 2 | The Rockin' Runner

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