Cardinals Birthday Extravaganza

I haven’t run since Wednesday and my legs are really enjoying the time off. They’ll be ready to get back at it tomorrow morning, but in the meantime I’ve been carbing up at a level totally unnecessary for week 1 of half marathon training.

Thursday was my birthday, and we had seats in a luxury box that Tracy got through work.


We didn’t have to pay for these seats but I have a hard time believing $46 was the real price because of how close we were to the field.


We spent most of our time inside.


Staying inside allowed us to be closer to the food.



I also had some cookies and brownies but didn’t get a photo because I inhaled them too quickly.

I’m a big fan of being inside, seeing the field, but also being able to see a TV.


We did eventually sit in the outside area for a little while.



It’s a good thing we had unlimited food and beverage to distract us because the game was terrible and the Cardinals lost 5-1. Wah wah.

Last night we had seats in the Champions Club, another place we’ve never been at Busch.



It’s a giant indoor area with free food and drink. The food is a little more upscale, but the buffet nature of it allows for combinations like this:


That’s right, prime rib and nachos. I’m fancy.

There’s all sorts of cool memorabilia on the walls as well as four World Series trophies.



And there’s several bars, the buffet area, and lots of TVs.




We found a table near the window and parked ourselves there for the game.


This allowed us to eat, rest, then eat again. I think I had about four plates of food. The carving station guy was a lot more generous with the portions later in the game.


For anyone that thinks I don’t eat, go with me to a buffet.

Me with my eating buddy Jerry. We outlasted Brian and Tracy, as we normally do.

I’m sufficiently carbed up and I feel like I had a week’s worth of protein. I’m ready to put that energy to use in my long run tomorrow!


2 responses to “Cardinals Birthday Extravaganza

  1. Had no idea you loved a buffet now and then!

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