Sunday Food Prep

After my run yesterday I immediately went to Schnuck’s and discovered that Sunday before 9am is a fantastic time to go to the grocery store. Not crowded at all. The lack of people inspired me to search for tahini, which I couldn’t find the last time. I ended up finding it next to the olives and was thrilled. I felt like a contestant on Supermarket Sweep.

I got home and started washing all the produce and making Farfalle with Kale and Bacon. This recipe mentions having the ingredients on hand as a selling point and I realized I did have a lot of them on hand. I’m becoming a person who has bacon on hand and I’m ok with that.



This was so delicious. I love colorful meals with a lot of different good for you stuff in them. I had some extra kale so I also made kale chips.


I’m always shocked at how much kale shrinks when baking. I used to follow a recipe but now I just make it up–bake on a low temp (like 300) and toss with olive oil and whatever seasonings you want. I used the rest of a sea salt and vinegar powder I had. Then bake for 20-30 minutes, turning occasionally, until it’s crisp and chip like. It works best if all the pieces are the same size so none burn.

Then I made Cannellini Bean Hummus.


Aren’t these containers adorable?

Finally, I made PB&J Protein Bites.


I put them in the freezer and they firmed up and tasted pretty good. I’m hoping they’ll be a filling snack for me at work.


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