Food for Fuel

I had a very meh run Sunday. Despite gorgeous weather (I was actually cold when I started) I just wasn’t feeling it and stopped after a little over two miles. Normally I push through and it gets better. I had no motivation to do this on Sunday, even with lovely Willmore Park to run through.


So I walked for about twenty minutes. Then I read this email, got freaked out a little bit, and ran two more miles. My 12 week training plan actually starts next week, but it’s never too early to panic!


I decided one way to address this lack of energy is to make an effort to eat better food so I’m better fueled. I spent a good hour finding recipes on Pinterest and came up with a bunch of good ones, three of which I made tonight.

Chicken Caesar Burgers


This picture in no way does this burger justice. I opted for no lettuce on the burger and added a little avocado instead, which was really creamy and fresh.

Kale Chopped Salad



Schnuck’s didn’t sell the type of kale used in this recipe so I bought the only kind they had but I think it was fine. I’ve never eaten raw kale before but I kind of like how substantial it is. Schnuck’s did sell almond butter but they only had one super fancy organic brand and it cost $9.99. Are you kidding me? Pass. I used peanut butter in the salad dressing and again, it was fine. I love how colorful this salad is.

After eating those things for dinner I wanted to make something to go with the leftover salad for lunches for the rest of the week.

Fancy Macaroni


There is a lot of butter and bacon in this, so as you might imagine, it is very rich. I refused to use goat cheese (I cannot stand goat cheese and told Tracy it would be like sticking a foot in there) and just used a couple cheeses we had on hand. Love using up stuff we already have.

This whole process took several hours, in part because I am very deliberate, and in part because we have a tiny kitchen and I had to keep shuffling things around to make the logistics work. This is why I generally only try new recipes on the weekends. But it was worth it to have real food I can take for lunch instead of consuming a foot long sub in addition to fries. Not that I ever do that.


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