Forest Park

Forest Park is one of my favorite things about St. Louis. In college we’d run to it from SLU. (It’s only a mile and a half away on West Pine). At that time running to the park and immediately back was enough for me; now I love running the six mile outer loop as part of long runs. I still enjoy parking on West Pine and running to the park because the path you use to enter the park makes it feel like you’re entering a secret garden.

Once you’ve gone down that path you go upstairs over Forest Park Parkway and then back downstairs to this wonderful bridge that connects to the outer loop.


There’s lots of inner loops as well. I took advantage of them today so I could cross over as many bridges as possible.


I’m running past the boathouse and the Spanish Pavilion is in the distance.

Going over a bridge that people can paddle boat under.

Paddle boaters in the distance.

The art museum. I had to stop and take in the view.

Another bridge.

View from the top. It’s exhausting to run up there but so pretty.

Mary Poppins is at The Muny this week. Lots of people were out having picnics beforehand.

Across from The Muny. I love being around so much water.

The path back to the start. I often see people taking wedding photos here.

And done! I ended up running more on the streets so I could get a full hour of activity in.


2 responses to “Forest Park

  1. Glad you got full hour. So pretty!!! Such great running weather these days.


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