Making It My Own

I ran outside last night. It was rough. Three miles was a struggle but I got it done without stopping. 90+ degrees does not agree with me. Tonight’s three+ miles on the treadmill was better but still felt hard which is frustrating. I’m looking forward to building my base of mileage back up so three miles feels easy again.

One good thing about the treadmill is it’s easy to control your running speed. I enjoy finishing faster than I start. Tonight I got crazy and sprinted for the last minute, reaching 9.0 for the last thirty seconds. That’s somewhere in the 6+ minute mile range, which I’ve never done on the treadmill. I felt like a machine; muscles and limbs working together to propel myself forward. And I didn’t fall off!

After my run I went to my Zumba class. I love Zumba after running. It really stretches me out. Within the first five minutes I feel like every bone in my body is cracking. Tonight it was my back. Crack crack crack. That’s got to be good, right?

I’ve heard a lot of new music at my Zumba class, which is a bonus. I regret to admit that I like a song, Bang Bang. I’m returning my street cred tomorrow. Eh, I probably lost it with my public display of affection for Richard Marx when we saw him perform at River City last month. But look how awesome he is!

Not cheesy at all!

So close I could have touched him. Didn’t.

Anyway, one of the things I’ve heard Zumba instructors say is “make it your own”. I do not do this. It takes all of my courage to dance in a room of strangers, strictly following a routine.

There are plenty of people fully comfortable adding an extra shake or shimmy, however. There’s a wonderful older woman in my class who goes for it on every note of every song. I’m not sure if she is trying to make it her own but she is definitely dancing like no one is watching and she is my inspiration to do the same. There were moments tonight when I convinced myself I was not in a room filled with mirrors standing amongst forty other women but dancing in my living room instead. Making it my own may never happen but I made some definite progress toward dancing like no one is watching. 🙂


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