More Fun in Kansas City

Last night we started our evening at Manifesto, a cocktail bar attached to The Rieger Grill. You have to make reservations because the bar only seats 48 people. The entrance to Manifesto is in the back of the building in the alley, so it feels like a secret club.


Once inside they lead you to the basement where it is really dim, almost to the point where I thought I might run into something (people drink and walk around down here?!?). The only lighting I saw came from little votive candles. I felt like I was about to set my menu on fire as I held the candle close to the paper to read it.


This place reminded me of the mixology episode of Portlandia. All the servers wore ties and vests and dramatically shook drinks. Our server kept using phrases like “flavor profile” and listing ingredients I’d never heard of. My first drink was the Zombie Apocalypse which consisted of rum, absinthe, falernum (what is this?), lime, pineapple, and tiki bitters (again, what is this?). My second drink was John Lennon is Dead which consisted of rum, strawberry, lemongrass, and lime. Both good, but not something my stomach can handle all the time. I guess I’m not ready for these flavor profiles yet.

Then we went to Harry’s in Westport and sat outside in a treehouse patio sort of situation.



We were next to a caboose which reminded me of The Get Along Gang, the cartoon from the 80s about animals in a caboose. This caboose did not contain animals; just a bathroom and bar. I really wanted to club that ladder.


Then it was time to head to the Uptown theater for the concert. The band we were going to see, Diverse, didn’t start until 10pm. This is unheard of for me but I made it.


There was a DJ playing from 9-10, a trend I do not understand. How hard is it to press play so people can listen to someone else’s music? Allison did this in her car on the way there. Put her on stage; she’s a DJ. Diverse, however, I get. There’s at least seven of them and they have various instruments including a trumpet and also several singers and a couple rappers who jump in occasionally. We saw them perform Michael Jackson’s music last year; this time it was Prince.

They had an area staged for people to take photos to see who had the “baddest look”. We did not participate.


There were plenty of other people sporting bad looks, however. The crowd was pretty diverse. Mostly African Americans but a lot of middle age white couples as well. And of course, the hipsters. Kansas City is crawling with hipsters. We ended up standing near a pack of guys who made a variety of interesting wardrobe choices. There was a guy wearing a yellow woman’s hat with a flower on it and a guy wearing very short and tight tennis shorts with a tuxedo shirt.

There was also this guy, who I think was dressed as Beethoven.


And this guy, who was referred to as Mr. Zebra Pants in the baddest look competition. (He finished 2nd.)


The show itself was great. They had some sound issues in the beginning but they got it worked out.


My favorite, Julia Hale, is on the left. The girl oozes soul.

Allison refers to this singer as “sex on a stick”.

After the show ended around 12:30am (we stayed awake until it was a whole new day!), we decided to go to Town Topic, a cute little diner that reminded me of the Courtesy Diner but smaller. I don’t know how all the employees fit in there, but the food was good. If you’re counting, that’s four meals consumed for me yesterday.


This morning we went to the Westport Cafe for brunch.


We both had the Eggs Norwegian, which were great. They’re Eggs Benedict (my favorite) but with salmon.


Then we went back to Allison’s. It’s national ice cream day, so I celebrated by eating some of Allison’s homemade honey lavender ice cream with lemon curd. So delicious.



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