Running With Alibaby in Kansas City

I’m on a quick trip to KC to visit Allison. We’re going to a Prince tribute concert tonight, but the first thing that was on the agenda when I arrived was a run. I told Allison that I wanted to go 6-7 miles since I figured running with a pro like her would be great motivation. She does not time herself or pay attention to how far she’s going, but she’s easily much faster than I am.

So, Kansas City is hilly. Allison does not mess around on runs and this was what we tackled within five minutes of starting:



I actually felt ok going up this. At the top is a nice park that we circled around, then headed to Mizzou’s KC campus. Which consists of this:

We did this run last summer and I nailed the stairs then but today it was hot and I just wasn’t feeling it so I walked the last bit as Allison sped off to the top like the badass she is.

The heat plus the hills just drained me and as we headed past the art museum I knew this was going to become a walk/run and I was entirely ok with that. Moving is still moving. We were about 3.5 miles in at that point and I asked Allison if we could modify the run to only be about two more, which she happily obliged. It gave us the chance to double back through the grounds of the art museum which is really nice and for some reason filled with statues of shuttlecocks. Lots of badminton fans in KC, apparently.

We finished near the Plaza and this lovely fountain.

At this point we were almost back to our starting point but I saw we were at fifty five minutes and the accountant in me said let’s keep going until we have an hour of activity. So we ran around the park some more and sprinted (ahem–ran slightly faster) for the last minute.

We finished our hour of activity covering 5.72 miles. Not bad for all the walking we did.

Then we rewarded ourselves with Oklahoma Joe’s.

Behold the Z Man, one of the greatest sandwiches ever:

Beef brisket, cheese, onion rings, pickles. Yum.


One response to “Running With Alibaby in Kansas City

  1. mr. zebra pants

    1 unit of physical activity. check. 🙂

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