PiYo My Goodness

I went to my second PiYo class last night. PiYo is a combination of Pilates and Yoga. I’ve taken a few Yoga classes in the past which is much more meditative and calm. PiYo uses fast music and is more cardio based. My first PiYo class was a couple of weeks ago and at that time fifteen minutes into the class I remember thinking I had to run four miles the next day and I was going to destroy my legs. Last night was not as extreme. Or maybe I just eased into the leg stuff a little more.

I set up in my normal position in the second row and somehow everyone else still lined their mats up behind me, so I became part of the first row. No photos because I wouldn’t do that to the people in my class, most of whom seemed to be taking PiYo for the first time. The initial PiYo experience is not as graceful as we’d like it to be. 🙂

There was one move where we go from a lunge directly into a leg lift and it requires so much leg strength to keep balanced that it went from being a bit challenging at first to leg shaking/I’m going to fall over territory near the end of the sequence. At the end of the class we did some moves involving planks. I find holding a plank challenging in itself. You have to keep your core tight so your back doesn’t crash as you’re balancing on your forearms on the floor, so you’re using lots of body parts to remain steady. But last night we started in plank and then moved our hips to the left and right and then transitioned from holding ourselves by our forearms to our arms and then back to the forearm position with no relief from the plank position. I really tried to keep my form the whole time but I decided choosing to lower my leg to support myself for a second was far better than coming crashing to the floor in a room of twenty people, so I broke position. I figure I’m building up to the strength necessary to do these moves. I’ve done almost no strength training all year, so I’m starting from a base of zero.

I’m hoping to keep going to this class every other week (on the weeks I don’t have co-op) and go to Zumba every week as I start my half marathon training in August (a couple weeks away–eek!). The combination should provide a balanced level of fitness plus keep me from getting too bored and falling into a running rut. I’m already sore today in odd places (my sides and around my hips especially), which is a great feeling because it means I’m using muscles I ordinarily don’t.


2 responses to “PiYo My Goodness

  1. I am still sad that this is not a Pi and Yo My Goodness pizza/yogurt comment place. 😦

  2. Crap. Auto correct. Combo not comment.

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