River Des Peres Sewage Run 7/13/13

This morning I woke up a little after 7am, per usual (what has happened to me?). Rather than lay around drinking coffee and playing Candy Crush Saga as I normally do, I decided to go for a run and actually made it out the door just before 8am.

I headed toward the River Des Peres Greenway, one of the best parts of our neighborhood.


There’s no one visible in this photo, but I must have passed twenty walkers, runners, and bikers. It was a gorgeous morning. It was one of those runs where the air feels so refreshing against your skin it’s like you’re swimming through it. I may need to make running before 8am a regular thing.

When I reached Loughborough I noticed city workers doing something at one of the offshoots from the River Des Peres. One of the guys was nice enough to stop traffic for me so I could cross without stopping. They were doing something involving water as the path around them was wet. There was also a large fireman style tube that was leaking water everywhere. As I passed it my legs and shoes got soaked. I was feeling so great my only thought was “oh, how refreshing!”

Then I saw this.


So the next five minutes I debated whether or not I’d just gotten sprayed with sewage. I crossed the bridge at Germania and decided yes, I probably did. Fortunately I didn’t feel ill so I kept going and crossed this bridge.


I love running over bridges almost as much as I love not being sprayed by sewage. Scenery like this makes the possibility of being covered in fecal matter not so bad.

And who can beat this view? The beautiful River Des Peres.


It actually does look beautiful when it’s more full. I guess it’s low from being sprayed on the unsuspecting residents of the area.


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