Whole 30 – Week 2

Tuesday 10/18/16 – Day Eight

The night before I couldn’t sleep and was hungry. I should have just eaten something. Had a nightmare I accidentally ate a pastry at Tim Horton’s. These are my nightmares now. Woke up and devoured a banana and some coffee, then ran to the gym and back.

The mile+ there felt pretty easy but my pace was only 11:30. I don’t get it. It was kind of warm though. 75 before 6am in October? Go home St. Louis, you’re drunk.

Breakfast: Three egg omelette with leeks, tomatoes, orange pepper, and green olives. Trying to use my strawberries before they go bad.

Mid morning I’m sleepy and hungry. I eat a handful of carrots to tide me over until lunch.

Lunch: Sliced beef, mashed potatoes with ghee, asparagus, sautéed kale.

Starving on the way home from work. Ate a date while I made dinner. 

Dinner: Costco chicken strips with peppers and onions, roasted Brussels sprouts, banana with almond butter.

And then I ate another banana with almond butter. 

Not going to bed hungry again. 

Wednesday 10/19/16 – Day Nine

Well,the extra banana and almond butter did the trick–I’m not hungry at all when I wake up. Still, I eat. 

Breakfast: Two eggs, half an avocado, strawberries. All from Costco.

I went to the gym and swam 50 laps. Even though my stomach was full, I didn’t feel like things were sloshing around like when I eat my normal giant bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. 

Hungry all morning. Drank my Nalgene bottle of water. Still hungry. Asked myself “would I eat a plate of broccoli and fish right now?” Yes. So I ate an apple with almond butter. Trying to avoid snacking, but this was necessary. 

Lunch: Leftovers from last night plus sautéed kale.

I ate my lunch around 2pm, which is kind of late for me, so I wasn’t super hungry when I got home, but I ate anyway. 

Dinner: Leftover burger and mashed potatoes.

Yes, that’s an obscene amount of potatoes. I normally wouldn’t eat that much but 1) I was trying to use up the leftovers and 2) we were about to go out to eat. 

It was Tracy’s birthday so we went to Cruesoe’s. I could have figured out an entire meal to order but 1) making sure the whole thing was compliant stressed me out and 2) I don’t want to pay a restaurant to make a meal I can easily make myself. 

So I pre-ate and ordered a side of broccoli at dinner. 

I was craving a lot of foods I saw but I was completely full. Now the real work is beginning–learning to battle those cravings that have nothing to do with needing food. 

Thursday 10/20/16 – Day Ten 

Omelettes are a great way to use up stuff on hand. 

Three egg omelette with chicken, green olives, onion, and tomato. Added a bit of avocado and a whole banana to make sure I’m getting enough fat and carbs.

I have cramps but only have ibuprofen and that’s not compliant. Tylenol is but I don’t have any. Cramps it is. It’s neat how I have my period and I’m about to run a half marathon, all at the beginning of Whole 30. 

Lunch: same as yesterday. 

Dinner: salmon cakes, strawberries, orange, avocado (looks disgusting after exposed to air), and squash.

I went into this meal thinking, “well, I guess it’s time to eat the squash”. Total surprise–it’s delicious! I didn’t think I liked yelllw squash but I roasted it with Old Bay and it was sweet and wonderful. 

Somehow I was still hungry, so I ate this. Trying to amp up the carbs in preparation for my race. 

Friday 10/21/16 – Day Eleven

Turns out I do not like salmon in this format first thing in the morning. 

I ran 3.5 miles and didn’t have problems with a full stomach, which bodes well for Sunday. Also, as I was going down the stairs to go to work I felt like my joints were operating more smoothly than normal. Sometimes it feels like they’re creaking or making other noises, but this time they felt like they were gliding. I hope that continues!

I was hungry mid morning so I had some strawberries. Later, a salmon filled lunch.

Lunch: leftovers. Salmon cakes are better at lunch.

I had two bananas with almond butter as an afternoon snack. Really trying to make sure I’m getting enough carbs. 

Not hungry at all for dinner, but still, I ate. 

Costco sliced beef, squash, sweet potato.

After dinner I wanted some chocolate. I asked myself “am I actually hungry?” I wasn’t. So I drank some water and rode the craving out. It’s getting easier!

Saturday 10/22/16 – Day Twelve

Woke up hungry and happy. It’s gorgeous outside. Made a fall inspired breakfast. 

Breakfast: Sweet/regular potato skillet with two eggs. Banana with almond butter.

Time to go to Costco for another 24 pack of eggs. This week’s supply is almost gone. !!

I’ve noticed I’m eating my meals a lot more slowly than before, when I would wolf everything down. My relationship with food has improved.

I ate an apple while out grocery shopping, then came home for a late lunch. 

Lunch: the last of the sliced beef and squash. Two clementines.

Dinner: acorn squash, sweet potato, sautéed spinach, salmon.


Sunday 10/23/16: Day Thirteen

Running 13.1 miles on day thirteen. I got up at 5am and immediately made breakfast. 

Breakfast: two eggs, raspberries, banana with almond butter.

I started running around 7:45am, and it was rough. I ate five dates on the course but I just wasn’t in my normal running shape. I walked a lot. 

Afterwards Tracy and I joined my running friends at Rooster where I had second breakfast, which actually ended up being my lunch. 

Brunch: Two fried eggs and a side of fruit.

Rooster has wonderful dairy, grain, sugar, and alcohol consumables so I’m very proud of myself for staying compliant. It actually wasn’t hard; I didn’t have much of an appetite. And I drank black coffee and liked it! Small victory. 

In the afternoon I had a pickle and a Larabar and eventually put together a real meal. 

Dinner: GIANT salad with spinach, half an apple, half an avocado, orange peppers, three eggs, three and a half pieces of bacon, carrots, olives, and a vinaigrette I made myself.

A seven egg day. That’s a new record.

Monday 10/24/16 – Day Fourteen

For breakfast I made a new recipe that does not involve eggs!

Breakfast: Banana Chia Pudding topped with raspberries, a banana, sliced almonds and almond butter.

The pudding looks pretty disgusting by itself but it tastes really cool and refreshing. I love it. 

Lunch: Same as last night’s dinner-giant family size salad.

I wanted something sweet in the afternoon and I considered a Larabar but I wasn’t actually hungry so I just had water. 

Dinner: Baked salmon, steamed Brussels sprouts, sweet potato.

At the end of week two I feel in control of my cravings and really proud of myself for coming up with all these meals and making the time to prepare them. I can see myself eating this way a lot after the 30 days. 

But I do miss pizza. 

Whole 30 – Week 1

I love food. Food is one of the main reasons I run. Unfortunately, my love for food sometimes causes me to lose all self control and eat way too much/way too much stuff that makes me feel bad. Like donuts and milkshake like coffee from Tim Horton’s several days on vacation recently.

I got back from that trip over satiated and ready to make a change. I thought of my friend Missy, who did the Whole 30 a few years ago. I remember seeing photos of her beautiful easily identifiable food and thinking that’s how I want to eat. More recently, my friends Lori and Tricia did it and blogged about their experiences, so the idea has been rolling around in my head. I decided now was the time to act and began last Tuesday. 

The gist of the Whole 30 is that you’re doing a nutritional reset–eating only whole foods for 30 days and then reintroducing the eliminated foods gradually to gain information about how food affects you personally. In the process people report higher energy, better mood, and clearer skin, among other things. Sounds great!

The tough part–for 30 days grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, and alcohol are out. I have a half marathon this Sunday–what better time than now to eliminate grains! LOL!

I went to Costco Monday and bought a bunch of compliant stuff. The same day I read on a blog post that you should absolutely not start until you’ve completely read The Whole30. I bought the book that night. We’re off to a great start!

Tuesday 10/11/16 – Day One

I love coffee creamer. Made of dairy and sugar, it is delicious, but not compliant. So I made my own out of dates, coconut milk, and vanilla extract. 

It’s incredibly tasty, but not compliant because:

  1. Vanilla extract contains invert sugar. 
  2. Recreating non compliant foods with compliant ingredients goes against the spirit of the program; learning to battle cravings and retrain the way your mind sees food. 

I’m using it anyway. It’s barely any sugar and I don’t like wasting food. Once it’s gone I’ll just use coconut milk. 

Breakfast: Two eggs, half an apple, and pork breakfast sausage I compiled myself. Not as good as I was hoping.

Lunch: Leftovers from the night before. Shrimp, sweet potatoes, and asparagus.

Dinner: Salmon, sweet potato, entire can of green beans.


First day thoughts: I can’t believe I didn’t eat between meals. That’s a first for me. And I wasn’t overly hungry. 

Wednesday 10/12/16 – Day Two

Breakfast: Same as yesterday, but also strawberries.


Lunch: Same as Tuesday. 

Dinner: Mahi mahi and

A GIANT salad with two hard boiled eggs and ranch I made myself.

Second day thoughts: Wow I’m eating a lot of eggs. Today I was famished between meals. Stopped at Schnuck’s on the way home from work and consumed a Larabar as I shopped for fear I’d go into a fit of rage without food. 

Thursday 10/13/16 – Day Three

Breakfast: Three egg omelette with sausage and leeks. Banana with almond butter.

Lunch: Giant salad. 

Dinner: enchilada stuffed sweet potato with all the toppings, including my ranch.

Third day thoughts: I have a mild headache. I was expecting this, as I’m now well into the book, and this type of “hangover” is common. It’s also proportional to how you ate right before. Since right before I was in eat all the things mode, complete with a majestic performance at Olive Garden, the headache isn’t surprising. 

Friday 10/14/16 – Day Four

Breakfast: Adding more fruit to distract from the sausage and eggs.

Lunch: leftover enchilada stuffed sweet potatoes

Dinner: Acorn squash stuffed with sausage, apples, and leeks. Roasted green beans.

Day four thoughts: Almond butter is tasty and full of flavor. I used to think it was too bland. Also, this headache can go away any time now. 

Saturday 10/15/16 – Day Five

Breakfast: My avocados have ripened! Hooray for new ingredients.

After breakfast I attempted my last long run before my half marathon. Gu (sugar) is out as fuel, so I used dates.

Dates are delicious and so sweet it’s like I’m using Gu. I struggled through 8.5 walk/run miles. It may have partially been my change in diet but not running for 9 days (vacation) didn’t help. 

Lunch: Leftover stuffed acorn squash and green beans. I can’t believe I’m eating squash. 

Then we went to the movies. The movies have popcorn, which I love. Tracy had popcorn, because I don’t want to deprive her. I went to the movie super full and with zucchini chips (who am I?!) as a snack.  I ate my “chips” and didn’t mind that much that I wasn’t eating popcorn.  Small victory!

Dinner: Another potato, now with cilantro and avocado.

Day five thoughts: this was supposed to be a “kill all the things” day but my mood was happy. I think I wanted to kill all the things earlier in the week, but that was work stress. Now I just have this headache. 

Sunday 10/16/16 – Day Six

Breakfast: I think I’m becoming part chicken.

Lunch: another stuffed potato. 

Then I went back to Costco! Costco has so many compliant foods and I have this blog post to thank for sending me in the right direction. 

I’m not eating the bread and cheese.

Dinner: Costco sliced beef, asparagus, and mashed potatoes that tasted better than they look. I added ghee that I made.

Day six thoughts: my 22.5 mile bike ride felt harder than it normally does. I was sluggish and sleepy. 

Monday 10/17/16 – Day Seven

Breakfast: welcome to the fold, strawberries!

Lunch: Last night’s dinner, plus sautéed kale.

Dinner: mashed potatoes with ghee, apple, burger with lots of toppings, including mustard, which is compliant.

Day seven thoughts: I can’t believe I’ve done this for a week! I feel so happy, both from what I’m eating and the sense of accomplishment I get from making everything myself and knowing exactly what I am eating. I still have the headache but it feels like it’s lifting. 

On to week two!

The Glo Run 8/19/16

I ran the Glo Run 5k last night. Last year I saw photos friends posted of it and thought it looked really fun, so this year I did it.

The race has glow in the dark stuff that makes it fun but the drawback is that means the start has to be when it’s dark; 8:10pm. Keeping it real, I’m usually asleep by 8:22pm. (Yes, that exact time is when I go from reading/watching The Good Wife to eyes closed.) So the time was a challenge. Honestly 8:10am would be a late start for me. So I had a lot of time to stand around at the start. 

Races like this, where there’s some kind of “gimmick”, attract a lot of people who don’t normally run races. With that in mind, I tried to get in front of as many people as possible when they opened the start chute. 

We were like cattle. 

Then we all waited in there for a while, and I sized up the people next to me. I wasn’t planning on running for a PR, but I got the feeling there were walkers around me. Even though the announcer said walkers go in the back, people don’t listen. He’d also said white bibs in front (white, like mine, had timing chips) and I saw plenty of black bibs around me. 

Anyway, when 8:10 rolled around we were finally released. As predicted, I had to weave around plenty of walkers and slower runners. There were also kids sprinting in random directions and then stopping. I tried to be patient with them because good for kids for running a 5k but I’m old and set in my ways and I don’t like anyone in my space when I’m trying to get into my pace. 

We started running through the Muny parking lot and after we ran out of it I did finally get my own space to work out my pacing. I have been struggling hard core with my running so I hoped to just run the whole race and enjoy looking at bright stuff. 

They had glow in the dark inflatables every so often; all 80s themed. (The race was 80s themed.)

Then they had bright things to run past/through. 

There was 80s music playing at all the glow stations. I heard “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” roughly 500 times. 

We were in Forest Park, which was probably the best spot in St. Louis for a glow in the dark race, but there were still park lights on. 

As you can see, the crowd did thin out quite a bit near me. So I’m glad I got as close to the front as I did. 

Running through this thing was probably my favorite. I like feeling contained by things. 

More inflatables. I believe this was around mile two; I was so thankful to only have a mile to go. 

Lots and lots of people going through the thing I did at the beginning. This was a big event for walkers. 

Zack Morris phone near the finish. 

As we approached the Muny parking lot a guy near me stopped to walk just as we’d reached the top of a hill. I told him “you can do it, we’re almost there!” Then I passed him. I’m not a chump. 

When we approached the finish some girls passed me, and another near me started sprinting. I normally do that but I already knew this would be my slowest 5k in years. I had a very whatever attitude as I coasted into the finish. 

Then I got the hell out of there. It was almost 9pm after all. Grandma had sleeping to do. 

The chip timed option came with a medal, which was this. 


As I was laying in bed, I looked up my race results. 

Um, what? Fourth in my age group?!? That never happens. And fourteenth female??? Had I not let that pack of girls pass me at the end, I would have been even higher. 

Then I looked at the detailed results for women. 

I heard them announce the winner, Kristen Van Horn. I recognized her name because she writes a blog I read, The Concrete Runner. So that was cool. 

But even cooler to me was how close I was to the top. Had I run the same time as my last 5k, I would have been sixth female overall and won my age group. !!! So now of course I’m kicking myself for stopping to take pictures and not pushing the pace at the end. Oh well. Lesson learned. I suppose the fact that this was a non-runners race worked to my advantage, so if I run this next year I’ll try to race it. 

Need For Speed 5k 7/29/16

Last night I raced the Need For Speed 5k. It’s supposed to be the test of all the speedwork we’ve put in, but considering two of our speedwork sessions were cancelled due to weather, I skipped one because of my hip flexor, and I skipped one because it was way too hot, I wasn’t feeling especially speedy.

I looked at my Athlinks page and realized I hadn’t run a 5k in over a year. I did run a five mile race in March at just under 9 minute pace but a lot has happened since then. I decided my general goal would be under 30 minutes but I’d like to get as close to 27 as possible. (My three year old PR of 25:29 is going to take some work to approach.)

The race began at 7 but I was early to pick up my bib at 6. So I stood around and saw some Big River friends. (All photos courtesy of Robert Harrison, who takes photos of BRR events for fun.)

Cathy and me

We lined up at the start at the upper Muny parking lot in Forest Park. Everyone was happy that the weather was relatively mild; low 80s. There was a little bit of rain and the people around me and I said that was fine, even a little more rain would be great.

Wish granted. When the race started at 7pm, the sky opened up into a colossal downpour. See if you can find me. I’m making great “rain faces”.

The first quarter mile I could barely see and was really wishing I wore a hat. My shoes were instantly soaked and there was no point in avoiding puddles because everything was a puddle. I settled into a hard pace and didn’t look at my watch until it beeped at mile 1. It said 8 something. I wasn’t sure that was sustainable but I just kept plugging along. At some point the rain stopped but I was already soaked so it really didn’t matter. I felt myself slowing a bit. Thoughts of walking were randomly popping in my head but I denied them. I told myself I could run slower but I could not stop. Mental training is the toughest.

After winding through Forest Park a bit we again approached the upper Muny lot and mile 3. I was so ready to be done. Then it began raining again. A nice way to bookend the race. I found myself alone as I came to the finish; there were only 160 racers registered so everyone had plenty of space. Normally when I see the finish I sprint. I didn’t do that this time; maybe I’m out of practice or maybe I need other people to race against.

I will say my new friend Stephanie, pictured behind me, provided a ton of motivation for me. She passed me before mile 1 and I kept her in my sights the whole race. She forced me to keep my pace up and eventually I passed her before mile 3. 

I’m done, yay!

Here’s my official results and my Garmin splits:

After I finished I cheered Anna and Cathy on and then partook in the free Urban Chestnut beer. I appreciate that Big River has good local beer instead of the usual AB products. Then I stood under a tree for a while, drinking beer as it rained. I was actually cold at one point. Eventually I saw Cathy under a tent so I joined her and met some new BRR friends. I can’t say enough about Big River Running. Their events foster a running community and I’ve met so many great people as a result. This event was a lot of fun; I’ll definitely do it again next year.

My Race Calendar

I’m still getting weekly treatment for my sore hip flexor, but that’s going well enough that I’ve signed up for some races. Big River Running Training Team started last Sunday so I’m again following a half marathon training schedule though I haven’t signed up for one yet. I’m enjoying the flexibility. I’m also enjoying running with far less hair.

Throwback to when I was two!

Here’s what I have committed to:

Need for Speed 5k Friday July 29th – I signed up for this the other day after Dr. Rasch said he thought I’d be fine to run in it. This race is the culmination of our summer speedwork sessions and pretty cheap (was around $14 with my speedwork discount). Before this hip annoyance my goal would have been a PR, sub 25 minutes, but now it will be a surprise. Sub 27 would be nice.

The Glo Run Friday August 19th – Another Friday night 5k. The only other fun run I’ve done is Color Me Rad in Madison. That was a fun experience, but it was not timed and the course was short. The Glo Run does have a chip timed option, which I selected, which will satisfy the competitor in me. And while I’ve run night races before, I’ve never run one when it’s dark, so I’m looking forward to that. Plus Glo stuff.

That’s the end of what I’ve actually signed up for, but I have some others in mind.

One or more of the Rock ‘n Roll Races October 15th-16th – The Rock ‘n Roll Half got me in to distance running in 2011, but I haven’t done that race since my sub 2:00:00 PR of 2013. Now that I run without music, I think I’d appreciate the on course bands more. 
The Go! Halloween 10k Sunday October 23rd – I love this race because people dress up. Last fall I ran the half marathon as batgirl.

I don’t know what I’ll dress up as this year, but I do know I want to run for 6.2 miles, not 13.1.

St. Louis Track Club Half Marathon Sunday November 6th – This is the only local half marathon I haven’t done, which is its major selling point. One of my running friends told me it’s great, but I know it’s hilly (Clayton is hilly), which I normally avoid like the plague. 

St. Louis Turkey Trot 8k – I’ve had my eye on this race for years because they give out cinnamon rolls at the end. I know I could simply purchase cinnamon rolls, but it’s much more satisfying to run 8k, whatever distance that is, in questionable weather, and then receive one. Plus, we get fleeces as part of our entry fee. I’m doing it!